Christmas Gifts for a Woodcarver & Wood Carving Ideas for Christmas Christmas Gifts for a Woodcarver & Wood Carving Ideas for Christmas
Christmas Time is in the Air. Time to start getting prepared. In the article you'll find ideas for christmas gifts for a woodcarver. Christmas Gifts for a Woodcarver & Wood Carving Ideas for Christmas

Christmas is coming!

Huh, we just finished with Black Friday wood carving tools sales and now it’s time to start getting prepared for New Year’s Eve. This is why we made this article to help you out if you’re looking for nice gifts for a woodcarver. One of the good options might be this great whittling knife. If you carve wood yourself, then here you’d be able to find the latest novelties among wood carving tools and wood carving books. Furthermore, we’ll share with your some free Christmas wood carving patterns and wood carving ideas for Christmas. And here you can look for some suggestions on spoon carving.

First, good news, BeaverCraft recently came up with a great solution, they made three wood carving kits with all you need in one box.

The first one is dedicated to comfort bird carving and the other one is connected with Sweden, to be more specific with Dala Horse. And the last one, my favorite one actually, is about wizard carving. I just finished watching the Lord of Rings, maybe that’s why I loved it so much. I’ll share more details on each kit below. You might also be interested in getting a chisel set as a gift for fellow carver (or yourself).

Comfort Bird Carving
Carve a Bird

1. Comfort Bird Carving Kit from BeaverCraft

You receive the box with two wooden blanks (basswood and cherry wood), a whittling knife, some stropping supplies, sandpaper, safety tape, booklet, pattern. And they email you a video guide as well. It’s not in the box but included in the price.

I would recommend starting with basswood block, it’s easier to carve than cherrywood, especially if you’re new to wood carving.

I like the knife, it came sharp and holds the edge well. I still didn’t sharpen mine. In the end, you’ll receive a small comfort bird. I think it would be a great gift for any person. Comfort birds have their own story, it’s believed that they can ease your pain when you’re holding the bird.

Dala Horse Carving
Wood Carving Kit

2. Dala Horse Carving Kit from BeaverCraft

You receive the box with a horse blank, a wood carving knife, stropping kit, paints, brush, safety tape, booklet, sandpaper, pencil, pattern. And video guide is being emailed to you after purchase. Not sure, if this one is a good option for everybody as not all are fond of Sweden. But still, it’s a good one to make yourself.

Plus you can practice your painting skills. Remember how it was in high school? I bought this kit because I love trying new things. If you’re into something new, then it’s worth checking it out.

Chipping Away Kit

3. Wood Carving Kit from Chipping Away

Guys from Chipping Away made something similar to what BeaverCraft did. But not that global and still not all you need in a box. You receive one small knife and three cut-outs of an apple, boot, and dog + a booklet.

A smaller list of items in the package, plus no video guide. While the price is lower. Plus you can go with three different projects here at once. But I liked having a spare wood blank in the Comfort Bird Kit than just cut-outs with no chance to try again. Not a good option if you’re having difficulties making something by hand for the first time.

Wood Carving Kit

4. Caricature Carving Kit from Chipping Away

One more good idea from Chipping Away was to include a book on caricature carving in a box. Long story short you get a perfect source of information on caricature carving.

Wizard Carving Kit
Carving Wizard

5. Wizard Carving Kit from BeaverCraft

Wizard Carving Kit from BeaverCraft is my favorite one. They made a lovely box that seems to be magical from the first glance. The box itself includes wood, knife, sandpaper, pencil, pattern, booklet.

Also, they email a video-tutorial after the purchase. It’s the best Christmas gift for sure, considering the packaging, the price (only $25) and the idea itself of carving a wizard.

Christmas is always about family. It’s the time for you all to gather at one table and share findings of coming to the end year. And Christmas is about carving. You can carve a Santa or a Snowman or a Christmas Tree and give it to your kids, or to your neighbors’ kids, or just to leave it to yourself. Check out some free christmas wood carving patterns below. Hopefully those will come in handy.

Also check out some wood carving tutorials that we found on Youtube due to upcoming Christmas.


Hope you enjoyed the article on gifts for a wood carver and wood carving christmas ideas. Feel free to use Christmas wood carving patterns attached here.

And Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!

Christmas gift ideas

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