I started this blog out of my passion for wood carving, hoping to get to know other carvers and share project ideas, techniques, styles, and inspiration. Over time, this blog has grown from Jeff Richardson to a whole team of wistful and talented wood carvers who help me run this project by sharing their experience and professional opinion.

Allow me to introduce the amazing crew behind BestWoodCarvingTools.com in this post.

Stanley Waller, first-class pattern carver on furniture

Stanley has been working as a carpenter for over 15 years now, and he started using wood carving techniques for furniture very early in his carpenter days. He does top-notch reliefs on tables, desks, headboards – every piece that comes out of his workshop is unique and breathtaking. We all love learning from him, as he knows so much about relief carving styles and combining levels to create amazing effects.

Roger Jewell, spoon carver

No one understands the depth and proportion as well as this guy. Roger’s expertise is spoon carving, while recently he has been exploring more complex and sophisticated projects that combine spoon carving with chip carving techniques. He is a high-school art teacher and a father of two – Joey and Angelina, who join us for wood carving gatherings sometimes and are true little craftsmen themselves.

Gary Sanders, caricature carving master

Gary does caricature carving and his figures and toys are always detailed to perfection. He has truly mastered all stages of wood carving – starting from a blank block, carving and chipping it into the right shape, cutting the texture, edges, and tiny details, upon which he smoothens out the surfaces and paints each piece delicately. It is a pleasure to work with him since he is so dedicated and sometimes it takes days or a whole week to finish a single project, but it is absolutely blissful in the end. Gary is a retired marine, who tells the best stories I’ve ever heard.

Gene Bingham, space engineer/detail carver

Engineer by day, woodcarver by night. Growing up watching Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica, Gene’s passion is space ships and aircraft. He executes the most complex projects with such devotion, and he creates the sketches for all of them on his own. Gene tried out his first carving project as a challenge and continued to search for new endeavors in carving ever since. His technical background helps us all understand the new techniques we try out and learn how to get the most of each and every tool.

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