Wood carving Guides

How to Carve Wooden Spoon
Everyone needs wooden spoons. Seriously! And if not for everyone, then your mom, aunt or grandmother will be overjoyed if you present them with it, made by you. Moreover, a wooden spoon is a great start for a whittling business. Moreover, a wooden spoon is a great start for... Read more
Finishing wood carving projects
Finishing is the final note of the wood carving process. There are many ways to decorate wood, but you should take into account the characteristics of the wood, the size of the product and the type of carving so as not to spoil the whole project on which you... Read more
What is a Rasp?
Rasps are tools often used in woodworking for removing excess wood from the surface of a project. They are quite rough and you can even out the lumps and undesired curves of your wooden block. A rasp is also known as a woodworking file, and it has a coarse... Read more
Wood Carving Chisels
Even though all chisels are designed upon the same principle and can essentially perform the same type of work, there are slight differences between a classic woodworking chisel and the ones used for different carving projects. An average wood carving craftsman has dozens of different chisels in the toolset,... Read more
Wood Carving with Power Tools
Some wood carvers enjoy carving with nothing but knives, while others prefer to use electric machines in their work. Power carving tools come in handy for many endeavors where the knife is just not enough or needs wood material to be removed quickly. Carving machines can be corded or... Read more
What is relief carving?
If you are looking for a new hobby and wondering what to do at home in quarantine coronavirus has caused, relief carving might just be the right choice for you. Relief wood carving is an artistic craft of creating beautiful shapes on a flat wooden panel. Final projects of... Read more
Wood Carving Techniques Guide for Beginners
Wood carving techniques vary and differ in the toolset required to perform each of them and what the end result of your carving should be. The general difference can be made between projects that create a sculpture and projects that are leveled on a wood panel such as relief... Read more
How to Sharpen and Stropping Wood Carving Tools
Wood carving is a hobby that requires razor-sharp blades at all times. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, the cutting edge of your blade needs to be sharpened regularly and properly. Dull blades can be very dangerous and cause a series of injuries due to the pressure... Read more
What is the best wood for carving

How to choose the best wood for carving? What type of wood will be better to start with? Check the Full Guide on Wood for Carving from Jeff Richarson.

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