Flexcut Whittling Knife Review Flexcut Whittling Knife Review
Introduction Many wood carvers know Flexcut as a brand of wood carving tools. Though the company is quite young, the quality of the tools... Flexcut Whittling Knife Review


Many wood carvers know Flexcut as a brand of wood carving tools. Though the company is quite young, the quality of the tools they produce is high. However, the prices for their products may bite. It can be a great gift for someone who loves carving. Look here if you are in search of more options on gifts. We decided to make an article to reveal all pros and cons in our whittling knife review. This whittling knife, for example, stands out with its sharp, great for detailed carving blade but it is a bit more expensive than some similar models

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What is great about this whittling Flexcut knife?

This knife is razor-sharp and great for whittling. Unpack it and use it right away and it will not require honing for a long time. The handle is big and has ergonomic curves, that is why working with this knife, your hands will not get tired for a long time. The knife received many 5-star reviews on Amazon, which shows that it is being successfully applied by wood carvers, professionals and beginners at the same time. It is great for rough whittling and also for working on the details. For more work on details and some specific projects you might need more than one whittling knife, check out some suggestions on gouges and chisels that might help your creativity. Its price is a bit high, but if you prefer this brand for its products’ quality and design, you will be willing to accept it. And here – Wood Carving Tools for Sale: Best Black Friday you can check out some products for considerably small prices if you find this knife too expensive for your taste. However, what brings a doubt concerning this particular knife is the construction of the handle, which may be a disadvantage.

Flexcut wood carving knife

What are the downsides?

The handle basically is what you can be worried about in this product. The handle is made of relatively light wood, and the blade is not a full tang. This can cause problems when you do some heavy cutting. At some point, you may notice that the blade is becoming a little loose, and if you don’t pay attention to this, the blade may come off as well. Carvers know about these problems, and if you do heavy wood carving you probably have encountered things like that happen before. Woodcarvers know that a loose blade can be fixed with the help of epoxy. Of course, it means you will have to buy the epoxy but it is not a big problem is you already have some in your workshop.

It’s a high-quality knife with a perfect razor-sharp blade. The price may bite a little. If you need a knife that would withstand strong pressure when carving on hardwood, probably check out some other models with heavier handles.
  • Carbon steal high-quality blade
  • Razor-sharp blade right out of the box
  • Doesn’t require honing for a long time
  • Ergonomic handle that provides the perfect grip
  • The price is higher than of some similar models
  • The blade may come loose when doing hard cuts
  • Not full tang

5 of 5

4 of 5

4 of 5

5 of 5

5 of 5

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All in all Flexcut Wood Carving Knife is a good option for the beginner to start with. Hopefully our whittling knife review was helpful for you. Consider checking out the other article on Top 7 Wood Carving Tools for Beginners.

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