Coronavirus 2021, or What to Do When You Are Stuck at Home? Coronavirus 2021, or What to Do When You Are Stuck at Home?
Coronavirus 2021 Had Broken Us Free Out of Daily Routine Coronavirus 2021 keeps spreading all over the world. A lot of us having quarantine... Coronavirus 2021, or What to Do When You Are Stuck at Home?

Coronavirus 2021 Had Broken Us Free Out of Daily Routine

Coronavirus 2021 keeps spreading all over the world. A lot of us having quarantine for two weeks or more. And this is when a question what to do on quarantine arises? Jeff is here. And I’m going to cover the tools you’ll need and the projects you can do. For example, you can try out a new Flexcut Whittling Knife to make your carving on quarantine more exciting.

Arts and crafts and all kinds of hobbies come in the game. Here is when wood carving can do a good job for you. This is the time when the whole world is changing. We wake up from daily routine. The very next day brings a lot of news and concerns. Here is the thing, we can’t control what happens around us but we can control how we react. Some of us wish there was a glue holding our nerves together. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing, but at least there is wood glue to hold together your wooden projects.

Try Out Spoon Carving During Quarantine

If you want something easy to do with your hands, then I’d recommend to get started with spoon carving. Spoon carving is known for being the easiest type of wood carving.

Basically you need to get a spoon blank (so you’d not need to get a shape of the spoon yourself), a hook knife for hollowing out a spoon and straight whittling knife to do the handle job and the overall shape. Moreover, it’s highly recommended to look for tutorials to the scheme of work in a nutshell. To get your spoons out fast and nice, you’ll need to keep your tools sharp with a leather strop.

Spoon Carving Kits That I Recommend

Nice thing there are tools on the market that can cover your back, those are called spoon carving kits. Spoon carving set usually includes everything you need to carve a spoon or two. In other words you order one, you get a box delivered to your doorstep and the next thing you do, you enjoy carving without any additional search to do.

Elemental Spoon Kit

Chinese sellers make wood carving tools as well

A good example is the kit from Elemental (guys from China). It comes with three knives, stropping supplies, spoon blank and cut-resistant gloves. Moreover, it comes in a fancy wooden case which looks really great.

Give it a shot if you’re looking for an affordable kit to start with. While I’m not really sure about the quality, turns out most customers aren’t fully satisfied either because of the cutting edge or poor quality overall. It’s made in China, you know what that implies.

Check the price

BeaverCraft Wood Carving Kit

Love spoon carving or Celtic spoon carving kit comes with everything you need

It would be a good idea to treat yourself with Love Spoon Kit from BeaverCraft. They recently made an all in one kit for Celtic spoon carving. It comes with everything you need for easy start: whittling knife, spoon knife, stropping supplies, a pencil, a special design spoon blank, a booklet and video tutorial mailed to you after purchase. In other words, give it a go with no hesitations.

Check the price

Quality from Ukraine

BeaverCraft HQ is in Kyiv, Ukraine. So their quality says it all. Quality from Europe is not the same as quality from China, you know that. I have a bunch of tools from BeaverCraft and honestly, they do a good job for its price. Definitely recommend.

Caricature Carving is Worth Trying

Another way to get started with whittling is to carve small people out of wood. There are some eBooks on caricature carving and there are some sellers on Amazon providing wood carving tools and wood exactly for this purpose.

Fancy Brown Box from BeaverCraft

Wood whittling kit from BeaverCraft will come in handy for beginners as well as professionals

First of all, my favorite one is a BeaverCraft wood whittling kit S15. It comes in a fancy brown box with three knives that you’ll need the most for satisfying caricature carving. You’ll only to get some wood in addition to that kit. Plus you’ll get three tutorials in the email after purchase. They even don’t mention on their product page that they send tutorials after purchase. This is why they get from me a high grade.

Check the price

“Old-fashioned” Chipping Away

Wood carving kit covers three whittling projects

Second of all, guys from Chipping away have a nice kit as well. It comes with only one knife, three wooden blanks and a booklet. It’s only one knife, but it’s a good knife indeed. Especially I love the handle, it feels awesome in the hand, the shape of it fits any size hand. It holds the edge long. Moreover, the instructions are really easy to follow. While they don’t really advertise the kit, so it’s not that obvious from the first site what you get in a box. Overall the quality is good.

Check the price

It’s Easy to Get Started

All in all, you can get started with a new hobby really easy these days . Especially now, with all this coronavirus 2021 “fun”. Basically you only need to get some wood and knives, you can get everything you need on Amazon.

Wood Carving Projects Ideas

If you’ve started with wood carving some time ago, then check out the rest of my article dedicated to wood carving projects you can make during Coronavirus 2021 quarantine.

Carve a Wood Spirit

Wood spirit carving project is fun to do. Moreover, it looks great.

Make an Owl with Doug Linker

Owl carving is one of my favorite projects.

Green Leprechaun. Why not?

One more funny project to do:

Free Chip Carving Patterns

An extended list of projects you can make these days is on Pinterest.

Plus we have a chip carving patterns gallery with 50+ patterns, you can download chip carving patterns for free.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Coronavirus 2021 is a real trial for the whole world. We should react to it with precautionary measures taken.

Social distancing can help to flatten the curve. Moreover, we can try a lot of new things, do stuff we wanted to do for quite some time already. Now we have a lot of free time. Hobbies, arts and crafts can help us to occupy the time and satisfy creative urge.

Carve wood and keep safe. All the best to you and your loved ones.

Jeff Richardson Editor

Passionate about wood carving since high school. Always been able to relax while carving. 7 years ago, I decided to dedicate my whole time to wood carving; this is when I started my blog. I am a fan of DIY, fitness, and crafts. Also, I love to spend time with my friends, carving something out of wood. I hope you enjoy my articles.

  • George

    20.03.2020 #1 Author

    Okay, everything sounds good, sitting and carving during few weeks, but why should I do that? No one of my friends or relatives got this COVID19 and personally I think that this is FAKE! So i will carve wood not because of covid or some other shit, I will do it because I want it! And social distancing, well, what a crap.


    • Jeff

      21.03.2020 #2 Author

      Hey George! We are just talking about wood carving during quarantine and nothing else, take care of yourself!:)


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