Wood Working Guides

Woodworking Projects and Ideas for Beginners [Video Tutorial]
Hello everyone, today I’m back with some more wood carving ideas. The winter is approaching, so there will be a lot of time for us to stay in the workshop, working on some new projects. As you will see, a great number of videos will inspire you to use... Read more
Types of Measuring Tools for Woodworking
What do you use when you need to measure wood in your woodworking projects? Most craftsmen use measuring tape, or a ruler when the project is smaller, but there are many other alternatives that can be used as well. To mention some, calipers are really handy to have in... Read more
Purpose and Types of WoodWorking Clamps
There are many reasons why a woodworker needs a pair of clamps in the workshop. Clamps will help you keep a wooden block in place while relief carving, whittling, engraving, or wood-burning. Wood clamps are an important tool when you are painting and staining wood, they will keep your... Read more
How to Stain Wood [Guide 2023]
Even though staining wood is not something all woodcarvers do, sometimes this is a good way to add an extra glow to your project in the end. It is not difficult to learn how to stain wood properly, but these few more hours you spend working on your project... Read more
How to Remove Stain from Wood in 2023
Staining can be a messy process, and it can happen that you either spill some paint on your work desk or use a little too much on your project. Also, when the time comes to repaint and freshen up your wooden surfaces, it can be useful to remove old... Read more