Wood Carving Tools for Sale: Best Black Friday Deals 2023 Wood Carving Tools for Sale: Best Black Friday Deals 2023
When I just started carving I was tight on budget and been looking through all kinds of deals to get some nice tools for... Wood Carving Tools for Sale: Best Black Friday Deals 2023 5

Black Friday & Wood Carving Tools?

When I just started carving I was tight on budget (and needed some patterns to help my imagination out) and been looking through all kinds of deals to get some nice wood carving tools for sale. Luckily every year Amazon has Black Friday deals. I’ve decided to gather all the Amazon Black Friday deals for wood carving tools in one place. You can also check out my review for a better but more expensive flexcut whittling knife if sales aren’t critical for you.

This way it would be easier for you to choose right whittling tools without long search done. Wish there were sales as cool as the ones I’m going to show you on these power tools.

So here we are.

I messaged a few companies to get to know about possible discounts. Some of them responded to me already, I’m still waiting for the response from some of them. And, while waiting, I got creative and decided to share with you some chip carving projects.

I’ll be updating an article with the new Black Friday Deals.

Here is the list of wood carving tools that you can get with a huge discount:

1. Comfort Bird Kit from BeaverCraft

An incredible and high-quality Comfort Bird Carving Kit from BeaverCraft that will help you to improve your carver skills perfectly !🔥

This set is made of the best materials!

Get our DIY01 – Complete Starter Whittling Kit for Beginners Adults Teens and Kids with a 15% off by using a coupon HOO7US76 on Amazon page!😍

2. Elemental Tools 9pc Wood Carving Tools Set

Comes in a beautiful Christmas box out of wood – a great choice if you want to indulge yourself for a bit. While quality is not the best. It’s written on the box that it’s made in China. You know what is Chinese quality.

What projects you can do? Bowls, spoons, cups.

Lovely Deal: $29.99 only!

Wood Whittling Kit Black Friday Deal

3. S15x Deluxe Kit from BeaverCraft

A gorgeous wood carving kit in a leather pouch for a gorgeous price. Early Black Friday is here. Enjoy 15% OFF S15x Kit on Amazon with the coupon FE29756E!

4. Gaxcoo Wood Carving Tools Kit

Not bad quality, even despite it’s being made in China. But the knives don’t hold the edge for long.

What projects you can do? Spoons, kuksas, cups, bowls.

5% OFF. Coupon on the product page.

Wood Carving Kit Sale Black Friday

5. S18x Deluxe Wood Carving Kit from BeaverCraft

Check out the coupon MNNYV76O for a 15% discount on the BeaverCraft S18x set right now: treat yourself with a big carving set of 8 tools and stropping accessories! So good to have Black Friday.

6. S14 Spoon Carving Kit from BeaverCraft

S14 is a comfortable wood carving kit that is practical in use, pleasant to look at and even more pleasant in terms of cost. Especially now, with Black Friday discounts! What’s there to say, see for yourself – 3 tools perfect for kuksa and spoon carving, comfortable handles and quality blades. 

And it’s now with 15% OFF due to the 5R2GV2TY coupon you can use on US Amazon! Don’t hesitate and dive in for this opportunity right away!

Hook Knife Black Friday Sale

7. Elemental Hook Knife

Really cheap knife for spoon carving. Made in China. Comes sharp. Walnut handle feels good in the hand.

What projects you can do? Spoons, kuksas, cups, bowls.

$9.99 only!

8. S16 Whittling Kit from BeaverCraft

Lovely wood carving kit that comes with two knives and wood blocks – perfect deal to start carving your chosen projects right away!


Get BeaverCraft S16 Whittling kit with a 15% off by using a coupon NXWHNP3B at the Amazon page!😍

More Black Friday Deals to Come

Starting on November 26th till November 30st you have a chance to grab the deal!

Hope you find our article helpful. Black Friday Deals helped me to get started with wood carving. Hopefully, the deals above with wood carving tools for sale will help you out as well.


Jeff Richardson Editor

Passionate about wood carving since high school. Always been able to relax while carving. 7 years ago, I decided to dedicate my whole time to wood carving; this is when I started my blog. I am a fan of DIY, fitness, and crafts. Also, I love to spend time with my friends, carving something out of wood. I hope you enjoy my articles.

  • Robby

    29.11.2019 #1 Author

    Any Flexcut tools for sale?


    • admin

      29.11.2019 #2 Author

      Hey there. To be honest we haven’t found any worth discount, however last year I bought this one on Cyber Monday, this price was about 55 USD, now it’s much cheaper – https://amzn.to/35QkaD3


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