Hello there.

I’m Jeff, from San-Francisco. I’ve been living in San-Francisco since I was born in 1985. I’ve got a passion for wood carving at high school. Well, it’s been a while. In many-many years, I managed to get into wood carving seriously. I worked as a salesman in Walmart for quite some time. Then I even tried working as a fitness instructor. Working as a fitness instructor I figured out that I love communicating with people… like a lot.

jeff richardson
Me in 2021

Lately I’ve been working on this blog to combine two things I’m passionate about wood carving and an urge to get to know other people. What I love the most about it, it’s an opportunity to reach anybody around the world if you’re on the same page about wood carving.

I will do my best to cover whittling basics, whittling tools, and projects, so anybody could come onboard of wood whittling boat.

I believe wood whittling has some therapeutic impact on everybody. Moreover, I love touching wood.

You can reach me out on Instagram. I love being on Pinterest. And recently I registered on Quora. Probably, the whole lockdown thing worked out well for me. As now I have a lot of time to work seriously on spreading the word about wood carving. I carve like every day now. But with the lack of live communication I’ve decided to get into social networking on the Internet. I’m not a tech guy. So I’m sorry for any kind of typos or glitches on the site. Plus I don’t do pictures usually. So somewhere you see me being 25 years old, somewhere you can see me in 10 years 😀

Thanks for reading. Welcome onboard.

Have fun.

And here is a short navigating list of things you might be interested in:

I’m going to write more articles and post them here. Stay tuned!



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