How to store wood carving tools How to store wood carving tools
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The violinist carefully stores his instrument in a solid and reliable case, the wood carver also keeps his tools safe for them and those around them. An experienced carver does not need to be told why it is necessary to find a place to store their tools. 

Beginners, on the other hand, can neglect this aspect, not realizing its importance. Here are just a few reasons why it is important to store your tools properly:

Safety: Since many carving tools are sharp, they can injure family members, especially children, who may not be aware of the dangers. One of the first wood carving safety tips for beginners is to store your tools properly.

Accessibility and organization: When the tools are in place, you do not have to waste time looking for them, which you could spend on carving.

Extension of the operational life: If you can do something to let your tools last longer, why not? This is especially true for tools with blades, which can become dull or chipped by interacting with other materials or things if stored improperly. Your knife should be clean before storing. If you use a wooden-handle knife, make sure you are drying wood prior to storing the knife, to avoid moisture and damage.

Complex and fancy storage systems can be expensive. In addition, ready-made solutions may not always suit personal preferences, type and number of tools. While the hand-made organizer can be personalized by choosing the desired size, shape, color and material. Here are just three ridiculously easy tool storage ideas you can implement without wasting a lot of time, effort or money.

Make wood tool holders

wood holders for carving tools

This idea is perhaps the most aesthetic of all. To implement it, find a long piece of wood to fit the necessary amount of tools. Then cut V-shaped slots into it. Place the tools with the blade in the slots.The piece of 12 inches long is able to accomodate 8 whittling tools. You can attach the holder to the worktop or leave it mobile. Also you can paint the wood to match the interior, varnish it or use some wax.

A similar method can be used to make a chisel rack if you have several of these tools. To do this, you need to saw a wooden board into two parts, cut out slots of such a size so that each chisel can fit on one of the boards. Glue the second board to the board you cut out. 

To make the wooden tool holder nice looking, you can carve a pattern on it, and after it is done the wood can be varnished, oil or waxed.

Rolling bag for storing wood carving tools

rolling bag for wood carving tools

One of the most popular options for storing carving tools is a rolling bag. It can be sewn yourself, then you are able to choose material, color and number of compartments. Or it can be bought in a store, but in this case, you need to adapt to the available assortment. The benefit of such a storage case is that, firstly, it is compact, and secondly, as the pockets of the bag are staggered, tool blades are not in contact with the handles, so that they cannot damage them.

Put transparent plastic tubes or pieces of Styrofoam on the cutting edges

The blades in tools are the thing that needs to be stored with the greatest care, as due to improper care they can be dull and chipped. But keeping them is not as difficult and costly as it might seem. Chop any excess PVC tubing you might have and slide it over the blades to protect them from damage and people from injury. The same way you can use pieces of styrofoam, by putting them on the cutting edges. Then you can place your protected tools into any organizer.

To conclude

If you want your blades to last longer, take care of them right. Store them properly, and keep them safe and sound for your next project. This way, whether you want to carve a wooden spoon, a bowl, or a dwarf, your knives will be ready whenever you are.

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