Types of Measuring Tools for Woodworking Types of Measuring Tools for Woodworking
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What do you use when you need to measure wood in your woodworking projects?

Most craftsmen use measuring tape, or a ruler when the project is smaller, but there are many other alternatives that can be used as well. To mention some, calipers are really handy to have in your toolset, and some professional woodworkers are already experiencing the benefits of this tool.

A mortise gauge, on the other hand, is a tool worth having as you will need it at some point for sure. It is used for parallel cutting, and we have all been there, trying to achieve perfection with our knives and rotary tools.

Some measuring tools arrive in the package with a woodworking tool, for example miter hook with the bench and belt electric sanders. These tapes can help you measure mitered surfaces within seconds.

There are many tools that can help you achieve the perfect edge of your project, and this is also an important aspect of woodworking that sometimes gets overlooked. Radius templates are cheap to buy and easy to use, so it is handy to have one around instead of making your own each time you want to work on a new project. They wil come in handy for any project that involves wood carving chisels and gauges.

Spirit level is a measuring device you most certainly need to get, if you don’t have it already. As a woodworker, you will be creating a lot of interesting objects, among which are probably furniture tables, etc. These small, yet efficient tools will help you check if your surfaces are flat and parallel with the ground.
One more tool that gets forgotten and it is more than essential is moisture meter. A lot of your project depends on the moist of the wood, and so the ability to perform cuts and sanding can be easily checked with this tool.

Tape Measure

tape measure

Measuring tape is a classic measuring tool, used across the world in nearly every production industry: from fashion to car development. Woodworkers need a measuring tape for sure, and it is not only to measure wood, let’s get that straight in the begining.

Measuring tape is a basic tool that you will need if you are measuring the space for which you are creating your woodworking project. Upon these references, you will then design bookshelves, chairs, closets, tables, or anything else you are a master at creating.



We all have a short rule in the house: the one that is 6 inches long and we have been using it since early school days. But, for woodworking, a ruler strop might be a better idea. A ruler strop is handy for when your project is held within the woodworking clamps and your need to reach the rounded edges and sides.

Ruler stop is a ruler with two attachments which you can scroll up and down, and screw them in place. This particular tool is very useful when you have a single measure to transmit from one part of the project to another.



There are three main types of squares for measuring wood: a framing square, try square, and a combination square. A framing square is an L-shaped tool for measuring the corners of your project, and it is quite clever keeping one around.

Try square is a smaller version of the frame square, and it has one metal ruler plus a wooden handle. A combination square is a nice addition to every workshop. It comes in different sizes and measures the squareness of your project with precision.



Calipers come in many versions, but the simple principle is this: You have a ruled scale and two jaws. You measure the distance between the jaws. You can either choose calipers with a scale where you slide the jaws or a digital one that measures the distance for you.

While working on this post, I realized how many other useful tool are there, many of which I didn’t use before. Then I started researching. That is how I discovered what is a rasp, for example, and many other useful tips and tricks for wood carving that I will continue to share with you on my blog.

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