Latest reviews of wood carving tools

Top 7 Stains for wood Ultimate Review
I love wood – love the smell of it, the texture, its colors and that I can use it to make beautiful carvings. However, wooden surfaces are prone to change colors due to sunlight and other factors, so to keep them fresh and give them the glow they deserve,... Read more
Top 6 Tools for Engraving Wood
Many woodcarvers, such as myself, enjoy engraving the final product of our work. In the beginning, as engraving tools for wood, I used classic chisels and gouges. Nowadays, I am very fond of electric wood engraving tools, especially when they are easy to use and give good results. These... Read more
Flexcut wood carving tools review
Even if you are new to wood carving, you have certainly heard about Flexcut. This relatively young brand is among the pioneers in the quality of the tools we use in our work every day, and it doesn’t really need a special introduction. Flexcut has many popular carving tools... Read more
Best Wood Burning Kits For Professionals
After trying out the pyrography pens to decorate my carving projects, I began to really enjoy this hobby. So I decided to upgrade my toolset and buy a professional pyrography machine, which is how I got to try out 6 different sets, and try to choose the best professional... Read more
Top 6 beginner wood burning kits
If you are new to pyrography, wanting to find out what are the best wood burning tools, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, I’ve shared my wood burning tool reviews with an emphasis on the best wood burning kits for beginners. Wood burning or pyrography is... Read more
Morakniv knives for wood
Every woodcarver knows about Morakniv – one of the most popular brands of knives and tools for carving and woodworking. I have been enjoying my Morakniv wood carving set, and I’ve tried many of their knives to be able to spot which tools are the best for each type... Read more
Top 6 Carving Axes & Hatchets in 2023
Designed in a simple yet efficient way, carving axes have been around helping woodworkers and craftsmen for many many years. While the essential structure remained the same, a carving axe has been improved over time to become easier to use for different fields of woodworking such as wood carving.... Read more
Best 6 Sandpapers for Wood review
Wood carving is a beautiful, calming hobby, and I enjoy taking my time with every bit of the process. I love cutting the log, shaping the wood, sharpening knives, and finishing every little detail of my project. Sanding is a big part of the finishing and polishing. This is... Read more
Best wood glue for Woodworking and Wood carving

We have selected the top 6 wood glue based on the professional woodworkers reviews. What is the best glue for woodworking, outdoor and furniture? Find here!

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Top 6 Leather Strops Reviews

What leather strop to choose for sharpening wood carving and woodworking tools? We reviewed 20+ leather strops and chose the top 6 leather strops sharpeners to buy.

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