BeaverCraft Wood Carving Tools Review BeaverCraft Wood Carving Tools Review
BeaverCraft Wood Carving Tools Company Origin, Founders, Peculiarities, Pros&Cons BeaverCraft is actually a young company. It has appeared on the market 5 years ago... BeaverCraft Wood Carving Tools Review

BeaverCraft Wood Carving Tools Company Origin, Founders, Peculiarities, Pros&Cons

BeaverCraft is actually a young company. It has appeared on the market 5 years ago or so.

Country origin of BeaverCraft is Ukraine. Lovely country with beautiful landscapes. I been there once. But unfortunately, it was at the times of Soviet Union, so all I remember it’s only nature.

Upon checking their story, BeaverCraft was founded by two guys, two friends. First they started reselling wood carving tools in Ukraine for Ukrainians and neighboring countries. Then in five years they started making tools. Probably because of the experience they got in this field and desire to spread the word about wood carving further. Plus what’s good about them, they put affordable prices for their whittling tools. This is why it’s easy to start with wood carving not spending a fortune on the tools. Their HQ is in Kyiv, Ukraine.

All of their tools are made of high carbon steel, the one needed for wood carving. They expend their tools range continuously. And since 2018 BeaverCraft keeps emerging on the Internet from different places. There are a lot of bloggers using their tools.

I will share my experience with some of the tools from BeaverCraft. So you knew what’s good and what’s bad about their tools. First, I’ll start with their all in one spoon carving kit. Probably one of the first kits they ever made.

S13 – Wood Carving Tool Set for Spoon Carving Review

Our everyday life is a complete run through obstacles and struggles. We run from dusk till dawn to find, to create, to produce. We run for our dreams and desires. But what are those obstacles when we talk about carving?

Imagine, when you in the process of creating a pattern for your woodcarving project, found appropriate wood but you realized that you don’t have solid spoon carving tools? Let’s speak even more concretized – would you love to carve a spoon? I am sure you do.

Ask yourself – which woodcarving tools do I need to make a complete hiqh-quality project? If you are not sure about the answer, don’t panic, because I am here to help you out.

We are talking about S13 Knife Set from BeaverCraft – top rated spoon carving knife set that contains everything you may require in your woodworking process. How do you react when you see best wood carving knife offer?

No doubt, it is «wow, give me three». But what would you say when you will be introduced to prior example of wood carving kits for beginners that also contains a leather strop with green polishing compound to keep those outstanding bowl carving tools sharp as a razor and a tool roll to organize your tools? There is no need to answer right now, because you will understand that you cannot reject this opportunity as you read this text. Let’s move straight forward to receiving deeper understanding of what this best beginner wood carving kit consists of.

spoon carving knife

Closer Look at S13 Set Characteristics

What can we see here? This tools set is designed for carving spoons, bowls, cups and kuksas and includes five items:  


This knife has a little bit longer ergonomic handle. Sharpened to the highest point by professionals this knife is ready to the woodworking right out of the box.


Ergonomic handle and exactly suitable firmness of the straight blade made from carbon steel is what describes this knife perfectly. Undisputed quality and absence of description needed to add. There is no doubts why this is considered best spoon carving knife.

wood carving knife


Third element of this top rated wood carving knife set is this small knife for detail carving. This is your perfect choice to finish small pieces of your art of woodwork. As we know, all sense is in details, right?

Cutting knife dimensions:

Total length – 165 mm (6.49 inches)

Length of the cutting edge – 35 mm (1.37 inches)

Handle length – 125 mm (4.92 inches)


Simpler than counting to five – take your honing leather, add polishing compound and prepare to use razor-sharp blade

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 Dimensions of honing strop:

Length: 200 mm (7.87 inches)

Width: 75 mm (2.95 inches)

Thickness: 4-5 mm (0.16-0.2 inch)

Every part of this spoons, cups, kuksas and bowls carving tools set will be strictly organized in your as durable as comfortable tool roll which will provide you with opportunity to keep everything needed as close as it even possible.

spoon carving kit



·    Multi-functional tools

·  Outstanding product quality

·    Manufactured due to customers` requests

·    Fair price


·    Do not include knife protection

·    Includes only one most used polishing compound

·   Carbon steel may become less durable if not treated right

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hook knife

Final thoughts about spoon carving kit S13

Name of this set is S13 where letter S also stands for Supreme quality with no doubts. When your life comes to the stage where you strongly believe that quality matters, that is when you will become obsessed with these tools. There always is a moment when you realize on your own that there is no need to pay high-dollar or twice a year for low-quality knives. As BeaverCraft mentioned in their networks – they are like giants with hundreds of eyes when it comes to quality control.

And, there is no reason not to trust to those words. But, what is more important, you don’t need to have fifty pairs, you need only two eyes to see clearly why this production is high-rated. Despite the fact that every of us truly falls in love with freedom of every personal choice, it can be a little bit stressful situation when you take responsibility for your choice, extremely if you were wrong. If you want me to explain why you would love Beaver, I would say that they give you every needed choice while do not letting you have a single chance to make mistake.

Let yourself take one more step away from carving to entire life. Would you agree that home is not where you was born but where you want to stay? Reasonable words, but why are they here? Because BeaverCraft in general, especially S13 Wood Carving Set will be a point with no willing to go back or further. Join family and consider is as your new woodcarving 

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To be continued….


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Passionate about wood carving since high school. Always been able to get relaxed while carving. 5 years ago decided to dedicate my whole time to wood carving, this is when I started my blog. I am a fan of DIY, fitness, and crafts. Also, I love to spend time with my friends carving something out of wood. I hope you enjoy my articles.